Schefflera – A Racehorse That Needed Some TLC

Schefflera – A Racehorse That Needed Some TLC

Last month I began looking to claim a filly or mare to race this meet at River Downs. When scanning the past performances I noticed a mare named Schefflera with solid back class. She was fairly well bred and had earned almost $150,000 in lifetime earnings, but had fallen on hard times and was in bad form. I decided not to claim her, but I decided to check her out in the paddock. I knew that if she threw in another clunker race I could try and buy her privately after the race at a significant discount. She finished 5th and I approached the connections about buying her. I was able to pick her up for the price of a “ham sandwich”. My guess was that a change of scenery was just what this mare needed. I’m biased, I know, but I think my crew can take care of a horse as well or better than anyone else’s. We bedded her in deep straw, and went to work on her issues. Happy horses win races, and two days ago, Schefflera rewarded the barn with a win, and rewarded her backers with a $30.40 payoff for every $2 win ticket.

** A special thanks to hotwalker / groom Joy, who was Schefflera’s primary caregiver.

See you in the circle,

Jeff Greenhill

Written by: - August 3rd, 2012

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