Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 03/03/2011

Q: What does it mean to “float” a horse’s teeth? A: File off any sharp edges Do you have any questions you would like to ask a thoroughbred trainer? Contact Jeff Greenhill at 502-693-8796 and ask!

Horse Racing Winners Circle Pictures and Photos Page 2

“WE WON!!” As a thoroughbred owner, there is nothing better than that phrase while visiting a track to watch your racehorse run. We have continued our collection of horse racing winners circle pictures and photos below. If you are interested in joining a thoroughbred horse racing partnership, call the trainer at 502-693-8796.

Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 02/24/2011

Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 02/24/2011 Q: Name 4 things a horse has to have before being allowed their first start (in the US). A: A lip tattoo, registered name, published breezes, and a gate card. If you are looking to join a thoroughbred horse racing partnership, we have some great opportunities for you. Visit our horse […]

Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 02/10/2011

Q:  If your horse stumbles leaving the starting gate, what’s the first potential injury you check for after the race? A:  A grabbed quarter…. We only have one share left in our first horse racing partnership of 2011!  Call Jeff Greenhill today if you are interested 502-693-8796

Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 02/03/2011

Q : Name 3 things, that do not exist, that old timers ask green help to fetch as a part of their initiation. A : The key to the quarter pole, a bucket of steam, the saddle stretcher….. Know anyone interested in a horse racing partnership?  If so, tell them to contact us at 502-693-8796.