Advantages of Horse Racing Partnerships

Horse racing partnerships have become an exciting way to own a racehorse.  Over the next few weeks, we will be writing on topics directly related to advantages of thoroughbred partnerships like: Tax Advantages Fun Factor Win Photos Financial Increase Stable Area Access Privileges of Ownership Catching Lightning in a Bottle Bragging Rights Learning the Game […]

Thoroughbred Training Trivia 01/27/2011

Q: If after a breeze or race a groom informs you that the horse “ran down”, what do they mean? A: The horse has a “burn” on the back of his fetlock from scraping the track surface….. If you would like to submit a training trivia question to be featured on Twitter or would like […]

Thoroughbred Training Trivia 01/20/2011

Q:  Now that we have established what cheater blinkers are, what are a couple of situations where they would be used? A: 1.  The first step in introducing a horse to blinkers. 2.  To help a horse used to wearing full cup blinkers relax by “opening” his/her field of vision….. If you are interested in a Greenhill […]

Thoroughbred Training Trivia 01/13/2010

Q:  If someone suggests you use a set of cheaters on a horse, to what are they referring? A:  Blinkers with very narrow cups…only about 1 inch wide.