Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred Trivia 05/06/2011

Q : Name the longshot winner of the 1984 inaugural Breeder’s Cup Classic. Hint : He went on to establish himself as a premier Sire. A : Wild Again

Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred Trivia 05/03/2011

Q : Only three (3) fillies have ever won the KY Derby. Name them. For extra credit, name the year they won. A : Regret (1915) Genuine Risk (1980) Winning Colors (1988)

Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 03/17/2011

Q: The 1 and 1/4 mile Kentucky Derby cover how many furlongs? A: 10 Do you have any questions you would like to ask a Kentucky thoroughbred trainer? Contact Jeff Greenhill at 502-693-8796 and ask!

Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia 03/31/2011

Q: Name 3 horses that finished the Kentucky Derby under 2 minutes A: Secretariat, Monarchos, Sham Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred Trainer Trivia! If you have a question about a thoroughbred racing partnership, contact Jeff Greenhill at 502-693-8796.